4 Powerful Business Women

4 Powerful Business Women | Episode 16 | Podcast Salestrategy by Nathan Manzaneque. The podcast that shares about sales, business, and strategy.Tweet On this episode of Salestrategy Podcast, I had the privilege of sharing an hour or so with four remarkable entrepreneurs. Four women who appreciate the value of creating relationships and building trust with […]

Sharpen Your Axe In Sales

Why you should join BTB Club during #lockdown on our #online #meetings: 1) Sharpen The Axe! 馃獡 You become a better #networker thanks to our #Free #training for #members only. Spruce up your #business #skills. BTB Club

Podcast Saletrategy Episode 8 | How To Get Clients When You’re New In Town

This week has been very inspiring indeed. I love working with my auditor and economist clients. And on Monday I got to record a podcast episode with a sales consultant like myself from Alicante. It looks like we are going to do very cool things together. So stay tuned if you can for my podcast […]

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